Reviews for "[Sonic Slam] {Final} -ZERO-"


its ok......


awesome!!!!!!!!! Makes me wanna run around and house till i pass out hahahah

All the greatest Of Sonic in one tune

I love this! the mashup off all the Retro music from the Games and the SFX sounds is a great idea. and this has a Crazy and Happy feeling to it. I'd sya this would be a great addition to an SOnic Game with the Retro games. This would suit as the Opening music or the Credits music.

Memories of Sonic in a hyper/happy way....

This song is so crazy yet has a level of interest that seems to draw me in. I think you should have added more instruments or sound effects, like the chime you get from getting a ring or the sound of a spring when you jump on it. Good job though!

2 words

Totally awesome, < : )