Reviews for "Leo & Satan WP"


This pic awesome.....i guess im a biased reviwer because i loved the flash which i stole from youtube lol....but seriously nice pic.


Cant believe Satan has a 8 pack.


Satan's crotch scares me.



Before you math homework wasnt epic at all


Satan has never looked cooler. The long nails, the curved horns, the furry lower half- it all works very nicely to evoke a kind of oppressing "look at me!" mood from the art. The cartoony style works very well throughout the piece. I really like the shadowing and the textures; it gives the piece a lot of personality.

Additionally, Leo looks great. The huge, bugged-out eyes really convey fear. I enjoy the simple blue shirt which contrasts nicely with the rest of the highly detailed piece. In the background, it really looks like Hell, but in a good way.