Reviews for "Leo & Satan WP"

I love this

satans expression is amazing XD

Oney responds:

daww thanks bro ;)


this is a proper testament to the awesomeness of the flash

Satin says: Welcome home lil boy!

I hope you like what i did with the place?


kid says: Satin WTF this isn't my home and why you sent me the f##k here all I did was do my math homework you f##king wacko!!..

(Satin gives kid evil look)

Kid says: oooo.... I love what you did with the place, but why did you take me here??

(Satin smiles)

Satin says: Well lil boy math is a sin and as a sin you are sent to hell coz well math is a sin so stop asking so many F##king Question and enjoy you're stay here in hell..... now place this gag in you're mouth lay on the bed and prepare to have the greatest ride of you're eternal life..


kid says: Satin WTF I don't think that sounds like a ride i would want, more like something my mom and dad dose every Friday night when my dad comes home drunk and smelling like anger with a hint of prostitute piss, or every Sunday when my dad brings home a man just to take him for a ride infect that's what my dad tell these guys, hey have you met my dad or somethin?

Satin says:................

(Satin Looks at kid with straight face)

Satin says: Kid!?

Kid says: Yeah?

Satin says: I am you're dad!!

Kid says: WTF really....!?!?

Satin says: NO!! now Shut the F##K UP and take it coz I'm in the mood for a kids meal..

Kid say: Wait what??!!

(Satin rush the kid)

Kid says: OW OW OW OW OW.....it Hurts!!!!!!

(and the lil Boy and Satin live happily every after, ok maybe not so much the lil boy!!)



Kid says: OW OW OW OW... I want to go Home!!!.... OW OW... I swear I'll never do math again!!!

epic drawing

leo and satan are fucking hilarious

just gotta love leo and satan

nice rendering :P