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Reviews for "Leo & Satan WP"

I jizzed

At this piece of Gold


that is absolutly amazing i have no idea how you can get the shading and lighting right


Satan has never looked cooler. The long nails, the curved horns, the furry lower half- it all works very nicely to evoke a kind of oppressing "look at me!" mood from the art. The cartoony style works very well throughout the piece. I really like the shadowing and the textures; it gives the piece a lot of personality.

Additionally, Leo looks great. The huge, bugged-out eyes really convey fear. I enjoy the simple blue shirt which contrasts nicely with the rest of the highly detailed piece. In the background, it really looks like Hell, but in a good way.

id give u love but..

the love kinda came out of me to quickly. so if u want it. its like. on my key board....


one of the best pics on this site both funny and well drawn
keep it up