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Reviews for "Leo & Satan WP"

epic drawing

leo and satan are fucking hilarious


Satan's tiny little wings are epic XD

I can't say...

...that its the best piece of art I've ever seen. I mean, by no means is it bad, but...I don't know, it seems that people are rating this high simply because you're a front page animator. I actually like the picture, despite a few anatomical flukes, but I think the execution could have been a little better. I like the high bloom effects, but to contrast that you should try some really heavy darks, and the background really sets the mood, but it seems kind of empty to me. Perhaps next time try some kind of filler or a foreground? There seems to be a lot of negative space that just makes the viewers eye wander a bit. Anyway, the animation was effing hilarious, and so are your other ones, so keep it up.

Oney responds:

i like an honest man ;) Yeah I see your points, time to improve ;P

Basic Algorithms?

"48x X 37yyyyyyye, Wtf is this shit."


Its a nice piece. the skin tone on and shading on satan is well done.