Reviews for "Rumple! Russian Bully!"

Nice ^^

Good one :D Don't really know what to say about it, you'll have to see it, it was worth the minute or so it took to watch it ^^
And thumbs up for bringing the lyrics along ^^ nice call :P

That was ok....

I can see you put alot of effort into it. But it was ok. not good or bad, just ok.


^^Good Points^^
I usually don't like movies that feature Bush, but this one was actually pretty good. I like it since the storyline was rather funny, and just had good humor instead of constantly bashing Bush. Interesting graphic style, and it actually turned out pretty good.

^^Needs Improving^^
Didn't really like the borders around this, just looked a little etchy to me.


I hate musicals. And by the way, Japan and Vietnam have nothing to do with Russians, they were just communist nations thats all.


I enjoyed it, it was pretty accurate, but the voice over on Bushes little friend whatever it was got annoying fast. lyrics were clever though. Not too shabby :)