Reviews for "Rumple! Russian Bully!"

cheeki breeki

cyka blyat

One of your best!

I can't believe Jibjab actually put one of their cartoons up on Newgrounds! I've always been a huge fan of you, ever since I first saw the "This Land!" flash. It's unbelieveable this hasn't gotten more views!! Yeah, posting on this site isn't really your thing I guess, but it's still great you put one up anyway. Anyway, this was great as most of your other flash, especially how catchy it is! Great for you!!


sucks. i take 6 points off cause im Russian, and America is shit. im bieng lenient cause i shouldve gave a 1 star rating. Putin will kick the shit out of bush.


I enjoyed it, it was pretty accurate, but the voice over on Bushes little friend whatever it was got annoying fast. lyrics were clever though. Not too shabby :)