Reviews for "Astral (Preview)"


Great stff man keep doing your thing.
Loved the piano.


very good... but not skyline or elevate material

9/10 reason its not skyline or elevate material lol you should reuse those samples and remix those songs, those are like A+

surprised elevate isnt top 5 yet, skyline will probably become all time top 10

elevate will take a while but i bet itl be top 10 all time

Very happy sounding

man, you never fail to amaze me with these amazing songs that you always seem to have. They are always filled with such emotion that all you can do is sit back and say.. wow...great samples, fills, and a rockin kick, the bass was a little too simple and could've been louder. In fact, i might go and check this out on itunes.


I don't know what to say, because you asked me to review, so I'm not really FEELIN' it, you know?

But, here's what I think. It's good, but not top 5 worthy like Skyline. Skyline was just pure awesomeness. This, is just ok. Not as good as Skyline. Definitely not. But still, hurry up and get the full version out.



I would pay money for a song if it would be rob van dyk or tiesto professional music. This is a decent song. I'm sure I heard the whole song or most of it since it probably is going to loop. That bass is plain. Off beat piano doesn't help either. Just a demo so I know full version is probably better.