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Reviews for "Skippitybop"

Thanks for providing all the lyrics!

I'm gonna be real here, Spadez. This entire song? It's scat!

Okay, so...hopefully people will get the joke, or at least Google it and learn something. Clearly, I mean no disrespect, and you must have had an absolute TON of fun making this crazy track. Not gonna lie, it's also pretty damn fun to listen to!

Now, I know that this must have been very difficult to do. And by that, I mean it would have been insanely hard not to laugh your ass off while you were recording the, uh...lyrics? Please tell me that you have an outtakes version on tap! Because I gotta hear THAT.

I was not expecting to drop five whole stars on this, honestly. That said, I straight up think it deserves them. Thanks for the smile, man. Stay you.

Spadezer responds:

Lol, so actually, the whole song was inspired by a stem of me just goofing off into the mic. It wasn't the intention but it was kinda like scatman's intro. I then chopped it up using slicex to make most of the, ahem, "lyrics" for the first half of the song. Then I recorded actually sung sessions for where they were needed. Then the hard part was actually transcribing what I said

When you've been listening to Scatman John and actually know how to make music.

This was really fun to listen to. The best part in my opinion was hearing you say how stupid it was. I got a good laugh out of that part.

wow good work!