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Reviews for "~:Windglass:~"

So, I first went into this thinking "Oh crap, this is really good", but expecting it to just be a drag with the runtime... Then it kept going, somehow kept on getting better, every time I thought the song peaked you pulled something else off and honestly, this might be one of the best made trance songs on the platform. Amazing song.

Absolutely amazing! I don't think I've ever come across a song of this kind of length that's this good before. The amount of effort you must have put into this is insane. Keep up the great work!

My appreciation for you and your music is immeasurable.

This is hands-down an absolute fucking masterpiece.

There's something so mesmerizing about every little bit of this, you have an incredible sense of pacing and progression; each part not only feeds perfectly into the next, they each feel like they have their own bit of character, and as a result of that the work as a whole has such a traveler's journey personality.

The description only proves to me that you definitely achieved your artistic goal here. I really feel like you took me somewhere. Melodies start to function as leitmotifs when they are repeated; every time I heard a familiar melody I felt the same movement but in a new direction because of how it was used in that instance, and eventually by the end of it, you took me back home.

This is a beautiful piece with high-quality production and a captivating full-circle journey. It's the kind of song I would show to boomers to prove that electronic music is still fully capable of telling a story with soul and emotion. Thank you for putting time and effort into putting this together and sharing it with us so we can experience it.

It's great to hear something new from you! I love the calm, quiet parts in between each section, it gives the song a nice vibe. Awesome work!!