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Reviews for "~:Windglass:~"

Awesome song. I freakin love the melody & tone at the beginning and the last breakdown. Would you mind if I make a remix at some point? :]

A pure, crystal clear, masterpiece.

Your songs ahve always been special but this? It's just... wow. 15 minutes feeling different at each part, each one better than the last... This feels like a mix of all your styles into one 15 minute long masterpiece. The first drop and such were good, but I expected it to be a drag. And every time the song continued, i thought it peaked but i was hit with an even better part. And even then, all the individual parts are good in their own right; the drops, the melodies, everything is just so well mastered and put together. Fav part: 9:10-13:04. just so nice and energetic and makes the whole trip worthwhile. The ending is long but so beutiful that I honestly can't complain about it.

Every bit of this song is perfect, and it easily deserves a 5/5. I really look forward to what you bring next :)

it really is sick nasty

wooow, amazing!