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Reviews for "History of the F' Word"


I love it, it is the most true and funniest fact out there, 10/10. Love it!

fuckin' funny

that was funny. i've seen it before, a few years ago, but that was before i had an account and that word was extremely hilarious. discribes pretty mach every way you can say it

2 things I really liked about that

I gave it a 5 in violence for the "Sean fucked Shirley"lol. As said on top the 2 things i really liked was "Why don't you play Hide and go fuck yourself?" and at the end where uncle sam says "Fuck You!" anyway great mini-movie. I thought of submitting somthing like this but i was a bit confused in the process.

haha thats awsome

why dont u go outside and play hide-and-go fuck urself, lol, i use that cus all the time.

God I love this word!

Saying fuck is very funny, because i practiclly say the word every fucking day, oh see I said it again!