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Reviews for "History of the F' Word"

Fucking good learning!

Its so fucking informativ, they should use this fucking video in the fucking schools to fucking teach some fucking young fuckers how to fucking use the word fucking right.


Tell those fuckers who the fuck is the fucking master at saying the fuck word! Fuck is my kind of word.


I didn't realise where the audio came from and thought you'd made it yourself until the credits. You didn't actually do anything yourself except from add some just about substantial animation, and I'm giving the 10/10 to the people who made the audio, not you.

Great job!

I know Mojimbo posted this several years ago (in your reviews) about how you "stole" the audio from EBAUMS WORLD?

I'd just like to point everyone who isn't a total fucking moron in the right direction.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /276616
Check that out, it will explain everything.
Fucking pro job on this Fucking amazing flash you fucker!



theis has to be one of the fucking best fucking flashes ever fucking made by any fucking fucker. this fucking flasg deserves its fucking 10 fucking fuck-stars.

fuck any fucking fucktastical fucking fucktard who fucking hates this fucking epic fucking flash.