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Reviews for "History of the F' Word"




Nice Job (hehehehehe, job)This was funny as hell, or shall I say,"Funny as Fuck!"

Graphics: Meh. Stick figures. But everything else made up for it.
Violence: Barely any but, Who Gives A Fuck!!
Sexual Stuff: None. When you can fit pussy on a documentary on the word fuck, give me a call.
Humor: lol. All I have to say. Just, lol

Overall:It's abso-fucking-lutely a 5/5

What the fuck? (lame pun)

That was so fucking funny! Fuck the fucking fuckers that fuck fucked up fucks while fucking the fuck out of fucks that fuck fucking fuckers! .... Now that I've used that word so much it's not so great..

Good fucking job, you fucking fuck! Fuck you, you're abso-fucking-loutely great!!! I want to fuck the fucking fuck out of the fucking fucked up fucks that fuck fucking fucks!

not yours

the movie is good, considering its NOT YOURS!!!!
you definitely didn't make this.

Brocczilla responds:

Prove it.


lmao this was a really good flash.. i listened to this thing long long ago.. about 4 years ago.. when i use to have Napster.. lol brings back some good times.. good to see someone made a flash of something that funny haha!

Brocczilla responds:

Thanks much