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Reviews for "Reasons"

some tones are offkey (those which are F and should be F#) dont u hear it sounds bad
the drop doesnt have subbass
it sounds pretty basic at all but i like the different sounds
but dude this offkey tone is so fucking annoying
just learn how to make melodies and progressions lmao
the sidechain is pretty weak
there are lots of randomly spammed drum fills
the idea is not bad at all lol
a bit repetitive
once again please fix this offkey tone

Vortonox responds:

yeah it does somehow. i know how to make chords. i used fruity balance and used "double curve" lmao. this is somehow my first time trying future bass and I hope more future bass tracks in the future. yeah i forgot to add the sub

edit: i agree that it is basic

It still sounds bad, but the lead itself is not bad, but the drums are terrible...Sorry.

Vortonox responds:

I had no choice but to use those drums. :/

Nice :)

Vortonox responds:

Thank u! :D

Awesome ! No words !

No , i has something : Cover of this song is copy for my first song " First attempt " ( this was deleted by NG )

Love Future bass

Vortonox responds:

Thx! :)


Vortonox responds: