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Reviews for "Sprite Hater 2:Remixed"

Well Done!

Your Sprite movies are getting better every time!
I also like the music that you use in your Flashmovies ;)
Hhehe, Keep makin' those Sprite-Movies!

TIP: Try to use this Action-script in the very First Frame of your movies:
_highquality = 1;

It keeps the Sprites original graphics even on
High Quality!

Later, ParagonX9

AgentKirbyPuff responds:

It cant be..!ParagonX9?THE PARAGONX9!The guy who made the classic Trouble on Angel Island gave my movie a perfect 10 in all categories?!I need to lie down..

Also I dont know ActionScript yet...will someday but not right now..


I agree with ValhartSeig, but he also looks like a cross of Amarantfrom ff9, Chrono from Crono Trigger and bass and treble from megaman. WHO IS HE???????????


I swear that guy looks like Seig from Chaos Legion, correct me if im wrong?

Ignore the zeros.

Not bad for a sprite movie.

Normaly I hate sprite movies but why do i seem to like this one?!

Good work!!

AgentKirbyPuff responds:

Thanks!You hate sprite movies but like this one?Maybe the name Sprite Hater makes you like it.Maybe its the extras I dont know.Thanks for the 8.


What happend to the music that was playing then all of a suddend stop until a minute later? That was not koo. Character styles was great tho! I would just say it needed something other then a black bg and count. with the music.