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Reviews for "rainsong_6-15-20"

The arrhythmic kicks at the beginning drew me in, and the soothing percussion reminds me of those rains of winterā€”the background noise, the digital synth arp, the off-beat percussion, all help establish the scenery! Maybe I should make a song with the hail samples I have...

Beautiful... <3

Wow. I've been having really weird dreams lately, and for some reason this reminds me of something that happened. I can't get enough of how soothing this is. That driving beat keeps things moving forward and I love it. Great job!

when the beat came in. I came in. Love it. Your layering and arranging of instruments is absolutely splendid, keep it up.

Mixing is soft but quite punchy and drives the whole emotion into a journey of joy, its a great and fun work