Reviews for "Rocko's Modern Life"


Very well drawn and colored, Rocko and Spunky look like they are tripping hard lol. A bit warped that Spunky's butt is bleeding from all the carpet rubbing he does.

Did you used to work for that show?

Cause God Damn it looks exactly like to original show

This is perfect

See, people would believe if you said you were one of the original animators of the show yourself. These over the top old cartoons like this and Courage, you can imitate perfectly. It's when you try to adapt things like Sonic and pokemon into the Rocko-esque style that I think it just stops working for you. The Harley was alright though...


out of this world yo

that was a hooot!

ahh the good old days, when cartoons made you laugh with natural talent, not with money-greedy, arrogant, self centered, wannabe writers and their piece of @#%$
time rushed works