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Reviews for "Ryu is Hawt"


you all realise that tom doesnt care what you think of his drawing. look nmore a the detail peoples, look at the shading he has done. it may not look lik emuch but shading and crap DOES take time. i reckon 20 - 30 mins it took him to draw that

Don't listen to them.

You aren't quite use to the concept of art yet, but I think it's a good start. I like it. If anybody says this is bad, don't listen to them. Ryu may not be as hawt as the people want, but it's a good start.


So many people are saying that Tom sucks at art, but what they fail to understand is that he did this on purpose. I for one know that Tom CAN draw a lot better, so should many others. He did this for the humour, not for a fancy art competition. I personally find it quite funny with how he has done nose and mouth.

I failed..

When I saw the small size of this picture (you know just the head), I didn't believe that a worldwide website creator didn't do that. But... It's great man, I failed..


I Mean this is so funny, I'm not a critique, so, BUTTERSCOTCH'YO!