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Reviews for "Ryu is Hawt"


its ok but needs more background


Needs a background but other pretty good!


I am not gonna praise you just because your tom. But, i will praise you for the humorous piece of art. Honestly, its not very good in terms of drawing skills, and if i were to rate it on actual skill it would be a 4. But im not rating it just for its skill, the humorous theme is good, and its actually not as bad as some people say it is. Then again, its not that great either...so im stuck in the middle with a solid score of 6.

oh well...

i'm sorry, but i dont find this art piece that good, and i cant really see why some other people find it so amazing; maybe i can, its just ridiculous...

i'm sure you posted it just for the giggle, but still, there are some people who think that you're gonna like 'em better if they give this a 10...

i give it a 4, not cause i dont respect you any more or less for being the NG webmaster, but simply cause its just not that good... sorry :s


Hahaha Nice. I loved the flash!!