Reviews for "Explosive Anger!"

Oh Shit!

Awesome art of my favorite trash talking, pissed off, and no good gamer who likes saying stuff about video games all day James Rolfe. I'll fave this and nice add on with Bugs Bunny when he beat the crap out of him and the annoying animation character of his Shit Pickle.

P.S. I have no idea why you put Samus porn if it was suppose to be Atari porn, but in other words I'll take that magazine since Samus is smoking.

TheShadling responds:

Its a "nintendo power" issue, since he reads that magazine, it be nice if they would actually make a issue with nude pictures of her inside. Thanks for the ten pal.



TheShadling responds:

Fuck yeah!

Oh the nerd

What a guy
The only thing that annoys me is when he goes off on a game, for ??? minutes; and i'm like~ wait, that was one of my favorite games to play while i was little

but whatever~ Good work man

TheShadling responds:

haha yeah the fucking nerd, thanks man.


The power glove goes into his right hand, not his left... =P

TheShadling responds:


Ah, James Rolfe. Such good memories.