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Reviews for "My Gamer Girl"

Pretty cool. I usually like all your video game songs.


Super nice nice song, can I use it on my GD level?

jlmcomposer responds:

Firstly, thank you for asking for my permission! Go right ahead. :)

I rlly like this! Can I use this song for a geometry dash level pleasee :)

jlmcomposer responds:

Of course!

I'll try and get you whitelisted by Geometry Dash Elder Mods, that's why your music isn't allowed on GD yet. People who are Elder Mod on Geometry Dash can whitelist people for GD, which means that their music is allowed on GD. Hopefully I can get this done soon for you and others. Really love this song, keep up the good work! c:

You're now whitelisted! People can use your music in geometry dash c:

jlmcomposer responds:

THAT’S AMAZING. Thank you for helping! I wish I had knew about that sooner because I feel so bad that folks aren’t able to use it currently. You’re the best!