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Reviews for "Sonic 2 - Oil Ocean"


omfg i wish i dident give away the game man i loved it i beet sonic 2 on my gcube and got super sonic i love sonic


It reminds me of playing sonic when I was little on my sega genise. awsome man!


It is kinda loud, but obviously it's not MIDI, i mean come on MIDI is so limited, and only good for remaking old 8-bit's and such. But don't listen to the negative reviews especially if they don't know what they are talking about, but this is a good remix, i used to play my genesis, now it's in my closet, but i still have my roms cuz i am too lazy to whip out my genesis! :D Good day!


i have to agree with some persons below me.
first videogamer said it was just MIDI
well, it almost is. didnt you just import it and copy paste the notes into synthes?
thats probably the way he mented.
and i also have to agree on masterchief
its too loud! try following some tuts about Eqing/mastering it might help getting lots more of good sounds out of Fl ;) maybe download other plugins that might help. ( do i hear sytrus or what? :S )
goodluck on further producitons!


Sonic-Freak responds:

yeah, I'm working on it, learned a many things in the past two months :)
thank you for your productive review, I'll send you a message when something new is online

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mehh, it wasnt so bad, all tho, the pitch was high