Reviews for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"


original was more DIS CRAP

DJ-Infinity responds:

Sorry, but I fail at giving a shit! XD

dats better than the original

ked rockin dude

DJ-Infinity responds:

I'm the Juggernaut!


the best peanut butter jelly time song

DJ-Infinity responds:

Correct! +1000 Wins to you! XD


freakin sweet pbj song.

DJ-Infinity responds:

Freaking' ennit... needs improvements now though to stay in line with the stuff im making now. Keep watch for a 2nd edition remix of this one =D


awsome job with remixing this song i played the real one at my weding XD (i own)

DJ-Infinity responds:

lol yeah you do... would've owned even more if you played mine XD

Thanks for review!