Reviews for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"

Awesomeness >.<

That was a terrific tune. I love it. The music itself was nice and the way you just casually installed the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and "Way E' At" here and there was hilarious. The gradual build up in the song was nice. I like the echo too,overall a nice song to listen to after a little hard work...

DJ-Infinity responds:

I was thinking to myself earlier, 'I am really happy with how this tune turned out', and to know that others enjoy this song, make me even happier that it turned out the way it did.

Thanks for ur review, you've pretty much made my day dude =P Glad you loved it!

Cool :D

This is epic! Like Awesome :D

My banana said it was in heaven.

The vocals that pan were cool. Im lazy :]

DJ-Infinity responds:

Im glad your banana found my song so 'appealing'!... zOMFG! Bad pun XD

Thanks though, dude. I appreciate ur review. =)


it was good, but you didnt rly have much in the way of the random lyrics, and the name should be peanut butter jelly SONG as it was called in the episode. meh, you could do better.

DJ-Infinity responds:

Suppose it just goes to show that I can't please everyone, eh?
Thanks for bein honest anyway =)


This song caused my banana to kill itself! I hope you're happy! >:O


DJ-Infinity responds:

I am very happy now XD


That freakin' bana is gonna have to dance tenfold faster for this s.o.b.....in a good way!

DJ-Infinity responds:

You could almost feel sorry for the poor little guy...
Heh, thnx for reviewing =) Glad you liked it.