Reviews for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"


I really like how it started out and the echos

keep it up!

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4.45 / 5.00 (+ 0.0071)

DJ-Infinity responds:

Thanks ^_^ I am quite fond of the echos too. And dont worry, Ill keep pumping these kinda tunes out till... till... my laptop fucks up. Touch wood it don't!! *touches wood on desk*

Thanks for voting 5!!!!!!!



DJ-Infinity responds:

Heh... I know... but you also rule for the 10 =P

Freaking sweet!

Ur awsome! Keep doing stuff like this!

DJ-Infinity responds:

Lawl thanx. I will =D


really really really well done.i loved it.

DJ-Infinity responds:

Thankzies =)

so awsome! tho i dont like peanut butter lol ^-^

I'm sooooooo sorry bout the nine its just the end part bit repetiive sorry dude but still man i mean this song is so friggin cool i loove all your songs i still downloaded this 1 so there ya go it is totally AWSOME! XD

DJ-Infinity responds:

Come to think of it, the beat at the very end is slightly repetitive... but nvm, eh?

And don't be sorry for giving me a 9, it's ur job as a reviewer to give critisism and deduct the score if it has a slight glitch to it in your opinion. Still, as a lot of people have said, nothing is perfect.

Still, glad you liked. And seeing as you love my songs so much, you'll be happy to know I will make more, so... stai choooond!!! =D