Reviews for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"

Great remix

i do have a good taste in techno and a remix of this is just what i need Lolz

DJ-Infinity responds:

Ya, I noticed that no-one else had made one like this, so if i can't listen to one, I'll make one myself!

Thanks for review! =P



DJ-Infinity responds:

You mean you voted 3?...

Nvm thanks for review and teh-n (10)

Wow, just great!

You took an original beat for an original song and made it completely reborn...
You have completely changed my view on this song, you rule...

4.44 / 5.00 (+ 0.0053)

DJ-Infinity responds:

You rule for increasing my score more =P

Glad you liiiike ^-^


well i'll try to be impartial, I don't really like hardcore techno, but I admit that's a great song anyway :)

sometime we lose the beat, you need a pattern that mark the beat at anytime and the voice is a bit ... well... I hate it ( I mean the voice) that remind me the first techno song we'll be able to make

DJ-Infinity responds:

Ok dude. Shame you didn't like the voice, but oh well.

Thanks for reviewing!


great man that was awesome and you should really make more

p.s. do cant touch this next lol

DJ-Infinity responds:

Are you psychic are sumthin? Cos i was working on the samples of "can't touch this" a couple of weeks ago =P

Btw, I will make more, so.... stai choooond!!!!

Thanks for review! =D