Reviews for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"

Great Job

good job on making this into a remix, I loved it from the beginning of the song and also love the original one too, specially the one on Family Guy, Keep up the good work. Later

DJ-Infinity responds:

Yeah, Family Guy is well wicked XD wish i could watch more of it... (thank you YouTube!)... I did aim to make this energetic to portray the excitement of peanut butter and jelly, and it came out pretty good... im glad you think so too. Thanks ^-^


WOW...great sond here...nice speed...realy Good Work...keep the work...

DJ-Infinity responds:

Will do and thanks!! =D

haha good shit

once i saw the name i had to listen to it! lol nice job

DJ-Infinity responds:

Haha! My plan is working! >_>
Thanks for review.

No bananna Bread? boo!

This was kick ass man, it was in your face with PEANUTBUTTER!

DJ-Infinity responds:


Sorry there is no banana bread =( lol


How did you do that? It's incredible. I don't know how to make audios like that. I love it!

DJ-Infinity responds:

I could reveil my secrets, but <Sensei master voice> great Sensei always say: Teach dog to climb tree, and he can catch cat </Sensei master voice> I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. ^-^

Anyways, glad you loved it! Thats what my music is for =D