Reviews for "Road to Oblivion alternatives"

Good work.

Nice. simple, easy going, but with kind of a serious tone.
as for which one, I think it depends on what you're using them for. For me, I think that the top one would be good if you wanted to project a bad/evil kind of mood, but the bottom one, I think it's lighter hearted. really, I think maybe the bottom one for me. It catches my eye the most.

Mufanza responds:

Thanks, I actually want to use them only as a thing people can look at, heh. Funny how the atmosphere can change with as much little effort as a hue slider in the Photoshop :)

really good

my favorite is the one on the top

Mufanza responds:

Thank you for your opinion :P

Good stuff

I can't decide between the two because they are both really nice. Very good stuff, and very good use of colors and also good silhouette effect on the castle.

Nice work.

Mufanza responds:

Thank you!