Reviews for "Hit Baseballs"

the best part is the kitty ^_^


Pretty Fun Game

Very nicely done...though there's one problem.
Sometimes the pitcher throws the ball to the right way too much that it's impossible to hit it. Oh well, atleast I got one homerun :P
My best score is: 1020
Not really good but, ^_^;

Baseball+Sex= Cricket

When I was a young boy, and played for the local pee wee baseball team, I was so horrible at the sport that when i was playing right field during a game (No one hits to right EVER), a pop-up came flying my way. I was unprepared for the event, so I just stuck my glove up in the air, and what do ya know the ball SLAMMED me RIGHT in the FACE!!!! i bled all over the place, and coach yelled "Stop bleeding, Joe!!!". I walked to the bench and had to listen to the longest lecture about TEAM WORK and how ONE MISTAKE RESULTS IN BEATING AND RAPINg. I grabbed a bat and tried to beat my own face in, but the coach grabbed that bat, yelled at me, and had the honor to beat my face to a bloody pulp, which it alreaddy was. I came home crying and my parents beat me for playing horribly. Thanks for bringing back the memory ol' chap!!!


Yaaay. That was amusing! Make it so you could hit the pitcher! Lmao. Later days.


Gets extra points for being so small in size. Excellent semi-sequel to Hit Cans... two thumbs up!