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Reviews for "Creo - Dark Tides"


jellyfish gang

The first song I've listened since the death of my dog. Woke up with 3 or 4 hours of sleep hearing that she died. Me and dad digged a hole and buried her recently. She was a good dog and lived long: 11 years! but I still think I did not do enough, i did not spend enough time with her, maybe I was a shitty owner... My conscious and subconscious are fighting each other and I'm having a brainstorm while being physically and mentally exhausted.
This song helped me calm down a bit, thank you!!

Here is a picture of her:
Rest in peace, Zara.

Creo, you should try to put this song through an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope basically is a device from the early 1900s that uses audio to draw with sound. Take x and y coordinates and make them pitch and sound.that is what you get.