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Reviews for "OverworldRumble: Sonic & Mario"

for some reason...

i wanna go play sonic now...


It was good, but you got off at Mario and Sonic 2's overworlds at the beginning. Then you pretty much got the rest of the songs.


its good but u could do better


The good parts are all spread out in different places. That and it needs more different kinds of synth sounds. Cheers!

Needs major improvement, but still good.

Okay, this one is good... for the first two songs. The Super Mario Bros 2 remake is very sloppy, and wrong all over the place, Emerald hill has numerous places of bad timing, the SMB3 song is alittle... lacking, I hate to say, though it's played well. Angel Island is really quite good, though once again, some of the quiter tracks are just missing completely, giving it an empty feel.