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Reviews for "OverworldRumble: Sonic & Mario"


I pissed my pants on how good that was. I rarely right reviews in the audio, so I had to do this.this is brilliant.


Awesome!!!!!!!! Let's be friends!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!


i didnt no that sonic and mario went togeter so well!! i thck this is great!!!!

wow i like the mario and sonic rambition

and you also did sonic advance 3 sunset hill is what the green hill zone sounded great plus great how you added a new beat to mario 2 yeah it was staggering a tad but it was a good effort and great job w/ that and emerald hill zone is amazing and nice w/ the super mario bros three OMG angel island zone wow you sped it up pretty nice guess you had to w/ the song almost ending but wow it's amazing no mess ups and what you should have done is make it loop so that way you enjoy it but dont realize that it's started over but over all good job keep it up i give it a 150/175 -25for a little staggering but hey you got 3/4 that's good in my view ^_^


sonic and mario songs work together well,why can they make a game where mario and sonic work together to save thier worlds?