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Reviews for "OverworldRumble: Sonic & Mario"


I've could have sworn I suggested the concept back when I was new here. Since I was new, I put the idea in the comments section, instead of private messaging him.

pickleman77 responds:

Ummmm... this was my idea. This is called a coincidence. =p

mad stuff.

pretty enjoyable there, what gave you the idea of putting those songs in the track in the first place?

pickleman77 responds:

Well, I decided that since the style of the games, as well as the music are fairly similar, and there's always been all this Mario VS Sonic stuff, so I decided to make an audio track with music from both game mixed.


The tracks all messed and mixed but It's still sick and plays well

Needs major improvement, but still good.

Okay, this one is good... for the first two songs. The Super Mario Bros 2 remake is very sloppy, and wrong all over the place, Emerald hill has numerous places of bad timing, the SMB3 song is alittle... lacking, I hate to say, though it's played well. Angel Island is really quite good, though once again, some of the quiter tracks are just missing completely, giving it an empty feel.

not much different to either but bass really live

livens it up good work plus 1 download for u

wats so stupid bout bein stupid if ya gonna b stupid anyway? : )