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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


I came in hear thinking this would suck..but you changed my mind, wow...
Should you make a third one? Yes..

O_O || 10/10 5/5 Downloaded, Favorited.

F-777 responds:

wow thanks.

Second verse, better than the first.

... Man.... I had this on for, like, an hour until I realized it had looped... >_>;
Good work man. This definately gets a 10.

F-777 responds:

lol. Thanks man!

This is better than the first one!

You managed to make a remix of one of the best musics in NG... improving it!


B E A utiful

This is one of your bests.
Do you know your songs are all over limiwire?
And which program do you use to make you music?

It's just like the others! ^^

That's the way to do it! Keep it original , but make it have different sounds ^^ 10/10 5/5