Reviews for "Lounging in the water"


Some People are Irritating

You have good control over Anthro anatomy.
Also, don't mind the idiot two below, he obviously can't read.
Well done.

Are any of you reading what he said ?

To all the retards thinking this is supposed to be hentai, its not. Read what he said, "All right this is NOT intended to be a pornographic image, but rather an artistic nude type image.

Shes only naked because I wanted to keep a kind of native feeling to the pic and I couldnt think of anything very natural for her to ware in the water."
Jeez, dont any of you see this text as you scroll down to write your stupid reviews? Also, Donut, this was actually a very well done drawing. And the background behind was pretty cool, too. It sucks you had to put up with the ignorant minds that found out about this .

You're a good artist but...

If you're gonna draw hentai make it have women in, not animals.

I still think this is really great and I know you've tried to be creative with the design of this but it's just abit weird. 0_0

awesome and to the furries killers

furries haters CAN CHOKE ON IT! i don't get it, your artwork is very well appreciated by me and people hating on furries everywhere should stop and think. not all furries are "fuck a dog's intestines" furry, some just appreciate good art on a bit of a fantasy streak. there is a MOTHER FUCKING difference between furfags and furries so learn it or BLOW IT OUT OF YOU ASS (I'm talking to citrusman5 and shockyvolt)