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Reviews for "MrSnuggles has feelings too"

The Real Mr.Snuggles, has feelings and stands up. A very nice groove, and it did turn out nice and happy, it sounds like some sort of lost industrial level in a side scrolling sonic team video game. You'll certainly get the attention of the crowd on this website.


Omfg, finally someone hits that comfortable niche of cozy + futuristic funk/retro-bop and cleverly adds a distinct bassline along with many many other complimentary and appealing sounds for an overall smooth listen that not only promotes energy but fun.

I've listened to Cyber VA1-HallA's soundtrack on repeat for a year straight, and it's easy for me to notice you've hit that incredible groove-tune that sucks a listener into its atmosphere unapologetically.

Your talents are not to be overlooked!

I <3 IT ~!!

RealMrSnuggles responds:

Thanks a lot for the elaborate review Xin!

this is so good. thanks for the music made my day

Dude, this is awesome, as always :)
Love u <3

Wow, great track! I loved all of the different elements :D The funky bass, the chippy chords, it all comes together nicely :)