Reviews for "==(Follow the Wind)=="


this is just beautiful! how do you make this stuff! i was looking through your ambient songs before to see if i could use it in an entry and now i found it.

this song is perfect. i would love to use it in a semi-gothic movie im making due in february. you can look at my profile for a bit more detail on the animation.

I hope you dont mind i pm you about this. because im very sure this will be in the pa computer fair.

Lol. Nice.

I am working on almost the exact thing right now. Good job BTW ^_^

Sinnsykt bra

Du kunne blitt en genial spill-musikk-lager til ekte spill.

Stå på!

Somebody say silent hill?

Cause that's exactly what I'm gonna do with it.

Nice track.


Y'all better respect SBB cuz he da master of ambience!