Reviews for "==(Follow the Wind)=="

Thanks man

Thanks for those links you sent me. Unfortunately, I am a lazy bastard, and have to copy and paste them...So maybe I'll do one or two a day. haha. Although, I quite enjoy listening to your stuff man. Call me a, fan I said " F - A - N ".

This was pretty creepy. Not really dark though, just creepy. Still, love it.

Wicked dude. Makes me want to throw out some ambient stuff.


i like it

kind of simple... it was to quiet...
I now.. it's the wind...
but I didn't hear it until I put the double of volume dude
I was going to give you a 5 because I didn't hear anything

well... sound pretty good very calm

Romantic? XP

took my breath away incredibly relaxing and strangely romantic XP i can see it in the horror films though

very odd

not your greatest but i enjoy the mysterious aura vibe from it. I didn't find this to be very appealing in the music category but it would definitely fit a Halloween theme kinda short film. Speaking of which, Halloween is soon :). Great song, completely smooth but the actual music should of been a little more vibrant as is mixes through the other sounds (wind, scratchy sounds etc). Great job anyhow.


I am sorry.

but even though I could see this in a horror/scary flash movie or game...or whatever...

I found it beautiful and extremely relaxing.
Much love.