Reviews for "==(Follow the Wind)=="


I am not sure what I am feeling - blackness I suppose. Just.. a vast expanse of .. black. Like a giant cavern in the dark. That slowly pulses between black and an iridescent blue - and some giant being is huddled on a giant platform.. breathing.. in some deep cosmic slumber.. to be awoken at the end of time.. long stalactites hanging from the ceiling.. a vast.. ceiling.. you are aware that the cave is much bigger.. and multi-tiered - and that there are in fact severall of these beings - all asleep and dreaming on various elevations.. you almost feel like each being is in itself an entity dreaming up a universe. and you are somehow distant - apart.. viewing so much creation yet not being a part of it - you are alone. And now you are going.. somewhere..


this sounds great... and lol... i will be using this on a hallowen flash i'm making xD just like UnderARock :P well, keep up the good work :)

Oh my

sweet man
theres a good chance this is going into a halloween flash im doing for fun :)


another track which reminds me very much to space.. but also water.. and nature.. and yeah, kinda scarry too. nice mix, very well done SBB!


interesting SBB. Doesn't really invoke an evil feeling until the wind hits in around 2:40, but throughout this track retains a very creepy, sad, but chilling sound at the same time. I think this was perfectly mixed together, all the little sounds are at appropriate levels. That round, quiet synth thats kinda muffled and flows with that echoey plucky sound is really cool. I cant really say too much about this one but I definetly appreciate the various snippets. It was a bit too random but you dont need order for a piece like this. Still there is a great progression and the focal point of the track was in the middle, and it gets calmer as the clip ends. I just think you should have faded out the ending.