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Reviews for "Seinfeld: The Carpet Tile"


what the last guy said

Favorite Myth:

"IRC Ops, Admins & Root Admins are only on IRC to bug and cause trouble for users" - We are actually there to ensure that things go smoothy for the 98% of the users who are not there to cause trouble, and to deal with the other 2% that think it's fun to flood, takeover channels & nicknames, flood Services and be a general pain-in-the-toucas!"

Delorians kick ass

All right first off i'd like to state that i hat strawberry clock so much i wish i could shoot him with a shot gun. secound and more to the point i liked the music but that was realy stupid and a waist of time.

Death comes on swift wings to the enemy of the DRAGON

ZombieLennon responds:

For a 19 year old, you sound retarded

Blam this!!!

what the heck is this?
kind of crap???

not too great

this is a very unusual 'Seinfeld" series that you got going on here..... very unusual and also very stupid as well.