Reviews for "Resident Koopa: Bowser"

great movie,worth top 50



GREAT JOB!!! this is awesome!!! congratulationss!!! "Capcom wouldn't like this?" AW C'MON!!! i'm sure they will claps their hands ^-^

Resident Kick Ass!!!

This was both scary and funny, good combination. I love when she combines spam with that text book and makes it into a rocket launcher, and when she looks through the window and the zombie koopas are listening to the radio. Boy Peach was hot!!!
Do some more of these type parodies they are almost as cool as Link's Quest For Ass 2.

This ruled

No question about it, an awsome flash! The different looking sprites, background, the weird looking bowser, and mario bros, just made this worth watching as well as a cool story. Great job dude!

2 Great taste that taste together, or something.

That was an awesome combo of two of my favorite game names in history. The sound, style, and humer was funny.

but i learned that combining spam and comdoms makes a rocket launcher