Reviews for "Resident Koopa: Bowser"

Eh, ok...

You must've been real, real bored when you made this one. It's funny (especially to those of us that actually play RE) and there's a lotta RE inside jokes runnin. Never would've thought of using Jill and Mario together though. It's odd and out of place at times but you still did a decent enough job so that I can overlook that fact. Nice sprite rippin too. Just a bit too slow at times, and some of the people introduced are completly dropped in there (Hey, just like RE!). Sound was the best part of this flash though, nice job there. I can't score it very high, as it was slow at times and I almost didn't watch the whole thing through. Could've been better but it's still great and definately worth being on the front page. Good one Vazz.


Well there "Vazz", this would have to be my favourate portal entry i've seen yet. Sic ideas you used too to combine SPAM and condoms? Great film!!


this movie was that best i think ill tery and make a rocket launcher tomorrow cause i have sapm and sum condoms great movie keep up that good work


Dude, that was great. I love it how this follows Resident Evil and throws in classic mario stuff in here and there.

LMAO so true

lol..i always wondered why the fuck they always made you split up..i think when she combined the spam with the condom and turned it into a rocket launcher was teh funniet part in the whole movie.

p.s: Didnt Mario die taking a bullet for the girl?????????