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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Uncontainable Love"

Woah dude. Not only is the arrangement FIRE but the sounds you used are also really realistic. What software did you use for this?

CloakedSoup responds:

Thanks a ton! I used Reaper for my DAW when composing and mixing and FL Studio for mastering.

As for the instruments:
Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond edition for the winds
Hollywood Brass Diamond edition for the brass
Hollywood Percussion Diamond edition for the percussion
Hollywood Harp Diamond Edition for the harp
Ivy Piano in 162 for the piano
8DIO Lacrimosa for the choir
Cinematic Studio Strings for the strings
and finally, Keepforest's Evolution Dragon for the drone/ambience at around 2:20

Great stuff as always! Hope you've been getting along well since I last saw you with all that's been going on now. You're still pumping out good music, clearly! Great modulations at 1:20 and 1:48, and the orchestration is lush and layered to high heaven. That Lacrimosa choir really blends in well with the rest of the orchestra! I also really enjoy the small countermelodic lines happening in here, they add a ton of depth to everything. No real complaints from me, sounds like you really got to flesh out the orchestration in this piece and it's really reminding me of the big film composers that I like.

The only thing I want to know is what's making the clicking noises at the start (0:12, 0:27) - is that the piano or harp?

CloakedSoup responds:

I'm pretty sure that's the piano. I'm not sure what it is, but it's consistently been there. I'll go into the project real quick and see if I can amend it + re-upload, but I'm not sure what is causing it outside of it coming from the piano patch.

This is incredible! Great melody, great harmony, excellent use of the instruments. Wonderful track structure with big emotional parts which really hit you right in the feels. :) The only thing I noticed, was the bass at 0:37 which sounds a bit unpleasant in my ears (maybe my headphones are just broken..). Overall: Amazing job!

CloakedSoup responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm looking for as much feedback as I can before re-uploading it here + releasing it on Bandcamp, so this definitely helps!

I really like the emotional appeal of this one. The piano melodies are beautiful, and you did a great job with the string swells at around :47. It was a little sudden when the instrumentation almost completely changed at :28, but it still sounded pretty smooth because the same melody was playing on either side of the transition. The orchestration here is a highlight at the end of the day, especially towards the end of the piece when it adds so much variety and flavor to the track. The outro with the piano is just the icing on the cake, too. Love the string drones and full-circle compositional approach here. Lovely work, CS! ^_^

CloakedSoup responds:

Thanks a ton! :D

The idea I was going for was to present the melody plainly in the beginning and then have it blossom like a flower with the orchestration (Hence the cello melody + viola countermelody at 0:28 before everything else slowly fills up the space). The orchestration was definitely the main focus while I was working on it and I'm glad you enjoyed that aspect of it!

Thanks again for the great review!

This makes me wanna stop making music... damn

CloakedSoup responds:

I didn't start writing music until I was 16 or 17, so you're already ahead of me! You shouldn't really worry about comparing your music for others too much and just try to enjoy what you write and always work to improve yourself. It's not that important to compare yourself to other people in the industry unless you're trying to make a living off of it. Regardless, you should always enjoy it! Having fun and enjoying the work that you do is the most important part.