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Reviews for "Primal Fire"

Visually arresting presentation

Wow. Absolutely amazing piece here. The colors, the lighting, and the pose just make this picture live. This looks like a promo poster for a feature animation. The character's pose, expression, and detailed musculature really make the image pop, but the fire makes transforms this into something else. It's just so wild and beautiful. I can't even think of a real complaint, but I guess if I had to pick anything, the blood looks a little thick. That's just a negligible nit pick on my part. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your animation.


Wow, i wouldn't wana fuck with that guy ^^. nice art tho


is that kingkong?

Nice character you created

Oh nice character here looks like he just got outa battle now this art piece is notbad at all, its texture seems abit on the bland side i think, so maybe to change that abit i have posted a few ideas below good luck on other stuff

First off i would like to see the sword with a brighter red maybe blood goo is dripping but give it the redish color, and then i could see the eyes glowing maybe a green or orange


it's good

Personally, I think all that red helps keep it standing out with all that fire and stuff going on around it. I really like the colors on this, as well as the shading technique you use.

Really good work.