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Reviews for "Primal Fire"

Wow! This is just....

Epic! This should be painted on the side of a Van somewhere!


The sheer amount of blood on the sword though seems a bit weird though. Considering how fluid blood is, it doesn't really stick to any object like that, and it winds up making him look like he just stabbed a jar of peanut butter or something.

Also considering the amount of blood on the sword, it seems rather weird that the character himself is completely clean after dealing such a grievous wound to his enemy.

god, this would be a great series.

Dude this is awesome really like the lighting and the detail. But i want to see this on T.V. super cool.


This is cold blooded. I'm digg'n this!!!


I was looking the Primal War series - nice stuff i must say)
Also the your graphics and animations of beast-humans and reptiles are very outstanding.