Reviews for "Funk Epic"


its a bit like koshi song


EPic..indeed..I love it <3^^

funky?... yes, very. epic?... not so much.

not a bad song at all. i was just a little let down by the title is all.

brewbeer responds:

oopps :(

Certainly Funky

Heh, I could see this being featured in games that involve a lot of jumping around. XD Not bad, considering you said this was a first try.

The only downside is that Nitro guy below. :| Obviously he doesn't know that everybody has a first time to try everything, nor does he know to take that into account.

8/10 cause it coulda been better, but you could've done a looooot worse, too. ;-)

brewbeer responds:

Thanks. Was just an experimental piece.

Why does it sound so karoshi?

to the guy below is from: "karoshi, suicide salaryman"
awesome song man... sounds too.... jelly....

brewbeer responds:

Love the jelly comment!