Reviews for "Ghosts of the past"


I loved it....didnt get too much of the haunting....more of a soldier standing in the aftermath of a war while its raining.........sooooo gunna use this somehow

Darknez101 responds:

Interesting visualisation.. But yeah, feel free, Good to know my work is useful to NGers

Good luck

Just great.

Awesome song man. I heard it from the Megaman X RPG 0 Game. I just love that creepy toy sound, added with the synths and everything. I'll have to check out your other stuff.

Darknez101 responds:

Cheers, Please do..


Puuuurfect for haaalloween....*begin maniacal cackling*

I am not amused!

Which is a total lie. This is great. It flows nicely, and with that static in the background, it adds a nice "old" kinda feeling to the creep. And halfway through when they start singing, brilliant!

its nice

its like you hear an old memery playing
somthing that hauntes you today
somthing that only you survived
but its a dream