Reviews for "Ghosts of the past"

Really gets yto your feelings....

Fantastic I really really enjoyed this, I tmay be that I've nearly drank a full botle of vodka (whic normaly makes me feel music more) but this sounds great, only complaint is that the string at 0:54 is too loud and so it distorts,
check out my song called Conclusion, it's a similar piece to this one, you might like it.

Oh an wheree did you get the old vinyl / crackling sound from? I'd like to use that type of sound for somme of my pieces .

Darknez101 responds:

Heh, I get some of my best ideas when im near to passing out after a few too many!
Listening back, I can see where your coming from with the string, Unfortunately the project file for this peice is no more.. So tuning it down will be difficult, But thanks for spotting it anyway

As for the SFX, There all from The Freesound project where I get all my SFX, Im not sure about Newgrounds rules on Linking here so just Google "Freesound" or "The Freesound Project" you'll find it easy enough.



I mean not bad. seemed to be a little scratchy.. couldn't tell if that was supposed to be apart of it as well but it just seems really scratchy. Other then that it was pretty good.

Overall i gave it a 8/10 and I gave a vote of 4

Darknez101 responds:

Yeah, the scratch on the track is meant to be there, to add to the realisim of the old music box.



really good.

Very good sense of music

I get my inspiration from music, and listening to this track, I have to admit on listening to it .. it really bringing out a nostalgic past.
I loved the way you had layered in the effects at the start and end of the song too.


Darknez101 responds:

Im the same with inspiration, So it confused me at first that It had to be the otherway around to make this peice, but I got there in the end

Thanks for your comments


bone chilling dude i love it!