Reviews for "Ghosts of the past"

Very nice

Kind of reminds me of a music box on the floor of an old house with a little kid standing over it bending his head over the box so you cant see his face. And at the end when the music stops they both disapear.


I loved it....didnt get too much of the haunting....more of a soldier standing in the aftermath of a war while its raining.........sooooo gunna use this somehow

Darknez101 responds:

Interesting visualisation.. But yeah, feel free, Good to know my work is useful to NGers

Good luck

Mannn danke por esta cancion!!! (3 diferent idioms

Soft like hell!! man these song put me chickenskin..it feel like in a old manssion in a night without moon!!!! you got my 10!!

likn it!

Cool sound.Makes me feel creeped out.Could rool the credits in a horror movie!


reminds me of my military training